Can My Work Be Published?

Sharing your findings with others in the academic community and the general public is an essential component of research experiences and applied learning. Common formats for disseminating information include books, peer-reviewed journal articles, oral presentations, and poster presentations. If you have contributed substantially to a project, undergraduate students may be able to publish their findings either as part of a larger effort or as a stand-alone work. Consider the following: 

  • If your work contributed significantly to a book chapter or paper submitted by your research advisor, you might be included as a co-author or listed in the acknowledgements.

  • UC San Diego's Writing Center holds frequent workshops related to research (e.g., Formulating a Research Question, Writing About Data, Preparing an Annotated Biography, etc.). Check the workshop schedule for details. 

  • Always consult with your advisor(s), and obtain their approval, before submitting any scholarly work for publication or presentation. 

After I Find a Position, What's Next?