Post a REAL Opportunity  (& Create a REAL Account)

Opportunites with your organization can be offered as part-time jobs, volunteer positions, or internships. You can post paid and unpaid opportunities with the Career Services Center's Port Triton. If you would like students to receive credit for an academic internship, please visit the Academic Internship Program (AIP) for requirements. Port Triton and AIP posting site links are below. 

After posting a REAL Opportunity, a REAL Portal account will automatically be created. You will receive an email with login information. Logging into the site will allow you to access certain features, for example, you will be able to send emails to students through the REAL Portal interface.

Port Triton

For part-time jobs, volunteer positions, and non-credit bearing internships.

Port Triton Logo

Academic Internship Program

For internships that prefer or require students to earn academic credit.

AIP Logo